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Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is one of the popular professional undergraduate program in India. With the evolution of digital ecosystem & cashless economy, the scope of computer / IT courses including BCA has drastically increased.

The natural advantage BCA graduates enjoys compared to Engineering graduates is the course duration which help them to hit the job market 12 months before the students pursuing four year engineering course.

A large number of software & IT companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, IBM & many others have diverted their hiring strategy from solely recruiting engineering graduates to BCA graduates, as they believe, a BCA graduate possess similar technical skills like that of BE / BTech degree holder. Even in some cases, BCA graduates are leading development projects.

Below are the job opportunities available for BCA graduates

1) Software / Web Development  – Graduates with sound skills in programming languages like HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, MySQL, ASP, JSP etc. can opt software / web development roles in major IT firms.

Job Opportunities after BCA

2) Mobile App DevelopmentSmart telephony has created tremendous opportunities for IT professionals. With mobile first approach, today every company whether startup or large, are going for their own mobile apps. BCA graduates will knowledge of android & iOS application development can work as “App Developer” or on the freelance projects.

Job Opportunities after BCA

3) Computer Networking / IT Infrastructure ManagementToday, computer networking is the lifeline of any company. Any slowdown / connection failure among the computers or with the server can cause huge loss to the business. In order to ensure smooth connectivity, companies usually hire “Network Engineers”.

Job Opportunities after BCA

Also, efficient management of company’s IT Infrastructure including servers, security firewalls, antivirus, database is very extremely important, hence required skilled manpower. BCA graduates with relevant skills are well suited for such profiles.

4) Technical SupportTechnical or Tech Support has recently evolved as a prominent role in an organization. Whether it is a product based company or for an internal process, technical support professionals help customers, in-house teams in troubleshooting including desktop support, resolution related to hardware issues etc.

Job Opportunities after BCA

5) Hardware Maintenance – If software or networking is the soul of a business then Hardware is the body. Sophistication in hardware technology needs trained professionals to manage them. BCA graduates with knowledge & interest in hardware management / maintenance can opt for such roles.

Job Opportunities after BCA

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