With the rise in the penetration of social media, people’s behavior to consume news has changed drastically – people now expect to receive news on a real time basis. This development has significantly influenced the pattern and style of journalism.

The availability & easy usability of digital media channels has changed the conventional methods of news gathering, investigations, crowdsourcing and audience engagement. This has helped them to collect more authentic material on news stories and enable them to connect with a wider range of voices that are able to give their own inputs and insights on the subject.

Impact of Social Media on Journalism

Social media also helps journalists to reach to the relevant people related to a story quickly, as people usually tweet or post about things they have seen. This can be a significant benefit of social media for journalism. Social media also acts as a parallel & effective channel of news distribution beside conventional media channels. The importance of the use of social media for online news publishers can be estimated by the fact that in India on average 20-25% web traffic comes from social media channels (mainly Facebook & Twitter).

Social media has also strengthen “citizen journalism” where people now can easily break stories related to incidents, events using own social handles on a real time basis, for instance, when the train de-railed in Bihar, many locals even broadcasted the accident scene live using Facebook.

The changing pattern of new consumption and the desire for instant updates has encouraged journalists to step into their roles in situations like this, live-tweeting from the scene and updating readers with vital information on the events. Now days some news anchors take audience questions through social media during the live show, this help to establish better connect with the show audience.

Indian media houses like NDTV have launched shows with reporting solely from mobile phones while the recent entrant THE QUINT brands itself as a “mobile-first” news platform.

Social media is all set to take journalism into new horizon & we are keeping a close eye on the segment for more updates.

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