In recent times, apart from a conventional law career, paralegal has also emerged as one of the popular career option for aspirants & is poised to see a greater increase in the future. Before we move into various career opportunities available in this domain, let us understand what exactly this field is all about

Career Opportunity in Paralegal

What is Paralegal?

A paralegal is a professional trained in legal matters which assist lawyers / attorneys with researching facts for cases, preparing documents, maintaining files.

Paralegals can’t give legal advice. They can’t represent a client in court, establish legal fees or sign documents that will be filed with the court.

Paralegals work under the supervision of a lawyer / attorney and are commonly employed by law firms, corporate legal departments, outsourcing firms and government agencies. Paralegals job responsibilities depend upon the nature & size of the business. Specific tasks may include:

  • Researching facts or laws related to a case

  • Maintaining files and documents for various cases

  • Interaction with clients / witnesses

  • Draft pleadings, deposition notices, subpoenas, motions and briefs

  • Writing reports and compiling legal documents

  • Working with teams of other paralegals, attorneys, and staff on cases

Education & Career Opportunity in Paralegal

Since, paralegal as a career option is among the recent evolution in India, hence there are few institutions which are currently offering undergraduate or postgraduate level courses on it though many certifications (both online & offline) are available to study paralegal.

The career prospects in paralegal are bright & aspirants can work in diversified sectors in diversified roles such as

1) Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Analyst – Dealing with IP laws related to Patents, Trademarks, and copyrights

Career Opportunity in Paralegal

2) Cyber Laws – Laws related to dealing with cyber-crimes have been framed & hence career opportunity is available in this domain

Career Opportunity in Paralegal

3) Media Laws – These laws are related to the nitty gritties of the media industry. Professionals related to media laws are also in demand to help media houses / publishers to assist them in legal course

Career Opportunity in Paralegal

Since, paralegal is the associated sub-domain of law, hence it is always advisable for the aspirants to keep a close eye on the developments on the entire domain to learn & understand things in a holistic way.

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