Stars Beyond Cubicle ™ is a podium for professionals to explore their passion, talent, love for things beyond the boundaries of office cubicles

Stars Beyond Cubicle

Vis-à-vis it also offers unique opportunity to interact, engage & network with people basis your “out of the cubicle” talent & interest.

We strongly believe that KRA & KPI are world’s most rude & inhuman terms just like a Fairness Cream. A professional, before being a professional is an enthusiast in his/her own terms. Magnitude of passion & height of talent can neither be measured by client’s appreciation mails nor by the number of LinkedIn connections (also not by ‘how many times one has stretched the working hours”). For us attachment with the inner passion holds bigger value than an email attachment & living each day with inspiration is more valuable than waiting desperately for weekends.

Stars Beyond Cubicle Logo

So, primarily if you are a

Traveller | Writer | Singer | Dancer | Actor | Entrepreneur | Story Teller | Foodie | Painter | Philanthropist | Artist | Fitness Freak | Sports Person | Home Maker or even a Think Tank rather than just a 9 to 6 laptop creature, you should definitely be the part of Stars Beyond Cubiclecommunity.

You can join our democratic events (ofcourse driven by community itself) in two ways

  • FYI : As an inspiration seeker to see other Stars in action

  • FYA: As an Star to inspire others with your passion & vision for things

You can also host Stars Beyond Cubicleengagement series in your office to engage people with the rhythm of passion & love for things of their own choices.   

Remember, language & age is not the bar for a talent & yes ofcourse not for this community aswell 

So, Come! Be a real you, Be among > Stars Beyond Cubicle