Difference between B.E. & B.Tech

A common question among engineering students & parents is what the difference between B.Tech and B.E course is. Many think that B.E has been offered by government institutions only while other believes that B.Tech has higher job prospects than B.E. But, the reality is something else.

Below are the key differentiators between the two courses


(Bachelor in Engineering)


(Bachelor in Technology)

B.E emphasis on the application of engineering & technological developments

B.Tech focuses on technological innovations

B.E is more theoretical in nature

B.Tech is more practical in nature

It is important to note that during job interviews recruiters consider candidates skills over nomenclature of the degrees.

Some common misconceptions about the courses are

  • Private sector prefers B.Tech degree holders

  • E students cannot go for industrial trainings

  • E students are not eligible to purse M.Tech

It is advised to the students to consider other points like Recognition, Placement, College Infrastructure, Industry association, Faculty rather than course name.

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